5 Lessons of Unapologetic Bad-Assery That Prince and Muhammad Ali Taught Us
Learning lessons of bad-assery from the best to ever do it.

2016 has been particularly aggressive with collecting brave souls that we’ve loved and supported. Unexpected deaths of celebrities and personal friends/family members have shaken many of us deeply and given us another opportunity to examine our mortality and study our own lives. Are we really following our passions and our dreams? Are we living our lives in an honorable fashion?

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Are you WOKE? About breast cancer…?

All around me, on social media and in real life, people are chattering about being “woke”. It got me to thinking… how many of us in the breast cancer community are woke? Like for real, honestly and truly aware about what’s happening in the breast cancer community and how it affects us personally and others around the world? Do we know what’s going on?

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Reflecting on being a cancer survivor

When I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in the summer of 2008, I felt alone. While I knew that many women and men had been diagnosed with this disease before me… I felt really alone in my fear and concern about my future. A few years after my treatment ended and I went into remission, one of my very dear friends was also diagnosed with breast cancer.

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