Marianne Williamson wrote an admonition that I’ve carried in my heart for years. Initially, it was credited to Nelson Mandela…and because I admire that man so much, I was disappointed that it was actually written by a woman I had never heard of. images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTdwZpokGehVdUYscbmfP5J-O6ZYJ-L2FY4-4Y60hxsTwd8RQT-kA Our deepest fear... MY deepest fear  Until I made it my business to find out more about Marianne Williamson. Her writings are moving and thought-provoking and inspirational. Every so often, this quoted passage will appear in a movie or on a postcard and I am reminded that God has created me to be brilliant and gorgeous and talented and FABULOUS (and I do believe that includes my boobies).
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