You+can The worst advice I've received as a survivor

I was recently asked, “what was the worst advice you received as a breast cancer survivor?”

*blink, blink*

Uh… short answer?  I have no FLIPPIN’ clue. Seriously.

Here’s why:  Soooo many people have said so many things that felt (to me) really insensitive and crazy that I’m not sure that I can isolate one that was worse than any other.

But, none of the questions were intentionally mean-spirited or harsh.

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Nic at 30… oh the things I could tell that girl now

This is one of my favorite pictures. It was taken on my 30th birthday. My friends and I had an awesome time that night. Feeling grown up and sassy… we danced the entire night away.

My best friend shared this picture with me the other day — I had not seen it in years — and I found myself really drawn to the look in my eyes.

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