Black-women-breast-cancer-nbc Webinar:  African-American women and triple negative breast cancer

I’ve mentioned in the past that breast cancer shows up differently in black women than in white women. Breast cancer is more often a deadly disease in black women than in other races. The reasons for this are multiple. But, one of the reasons is because of a particular type of breast cancer that is very difficult to diagnose and affects black women at a much higher rate than other women.

Triple negative breast cancer affects my pink ribbon sistagirls in a major way.

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I completed the first part of my chemotherapy journey approximately a year ago. I finished my Herceptin treatment (a hormonal targeted treatment) about a month and a half ago. The first part of the journey was the worst on my body and especially on my hair. It made it ALL fall out. All over. Just bald.

In some ways, it was wonderful. In others… not so much. I didn’t have to shave my legs or get a bikini wax for months and months.

Read More » 448px-Michelle_Obama_official_portrait_headshot not only do I have breast cancer...but I might die BROKE too?

I am watching our First Lady on C-Span acknowledging breast cancer awareness month and speaking out about health care. She is amazing. But watching her and the other survivors who have spoken is scaring me and making me wonder why did I, why do I fight so hard for my life? Even if I survive breast cancer – which I am doing right now – I could lose everything financially trying to stay alive.

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