popsicles2Bfor2Bhot2Bflashes Popsicles for hot flashes!

Popsicles… my secret weapon against hot flashes

It came as a shock to me that chemotherapy might knock me into early menopause. When the oncology team told me, I sort of didn’t believe them. I thought it would be one side effect that wouldn’t hit me.


I was shocked… Well, honestly, shock isn’t a strong enough word for the feelings I had at the time.

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Excuse me. Have we met? My name is Nicole… and I truly enjoy a good alcoholic beverage.

I mean… FOR REAL. Like, I want to be a bartender in my next life… that’s how much I enjoy alcohol. (laughs)

I keep trying to ignore everything I’ve read that links breast cancer to alcohol consumption. Its not working for me. Here’s the issue:  a study was released in December that shows an increase in breast cancer recurrence in women who consume more than 3 drinks per week.

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