264176_10150206925929615_500424614_7350602_5862464_n I had a small anxiety attack today...  Years before I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I struggled with an anxiety issue. At one point, I would have a really difficult time  just leaving my home. To be honest, it created a lot of problems for me. But I dealt with the issue in therapy and I felt that I had handled the problem. I guess for many years, I did. And then breast cancer came along and things got tough again.

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I was unexpectedly dragged back to a memory reading an email plea yesterday. The plea was from someone in my email group and she was looking for advice on how to deal with a suicidal friend. Her friend had been hit with some health challenges and her marriage was suffering because of it. She mentioned to her friend that she really felt down and had contemplated suicide. This news scared her friend and she reached out to our little community for advice.

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A few weeks ago I wrote about my frustration and disappointment that my purse and my shoes were “lost” in the back of a cab. You can read the story here:

Well, this is a praise report. I have had all of my things returned. Every single thing. My purse was returned in its entirety and my shoes. While I still do not know why the cab driver chose to leave me stranded on a cold,

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There is a train of thought among breast cancer survivors that stress could be a principle reason why someone gets breast cancer. I don’t believe that there are any studies that can connect stress directly to breast cancer — but that doesn’t stop the conversation from going on among survivors. We all know that stress can cause havoc in our lives and that it is detrimental to our health. But, the nature of the world that we live in leavese many of us 

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