back%2Bpains How to Handle Back Pain After Mastectomy and Reconstruction

Dealing with back pains after a mastectomy and breast reconstruction

So, in another episode of “what they didn’t tell me before I had this treatment”… I’m going to let you in on my big secret. Well, one big secret. I live with a lot of back pain. And by a lot, I mean… a lot. My back spasms at irregular intervals. Sometimes I can go for days or even weeks with little to no pain.

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My gracious… it has been one HOT summer in Washington, DC this year. Note to the wise:  hot flashes do not stop in the summer. (laughs)  Of course since my treatment, I’ve been battling hot flashes and night sweats. And let me tell you… whew lawd… they are not FUN at all. I keep a fan going at all times. Without it, I am a moist mess (and not in a good way).

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My last post was a couple of weeks ago. I apologize for the silence. I had a little accident about a week before Christmas and it has made typing a bit of a problem.

On my way to have dinner with some girlfriends, I slipped (or tripped) and fell at the subway station. (sigh) Long story short, I hurt my right arm — I think I sprained my elbow when I fell —

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Ever since I learned that having a radical mastectomy put me at risk for lymphedema, I’ve been a bit anxious about it. Lymphedema is a condition where an affected limb becomes swollen because the tissue collects fluid. A radical mastectomy means that not only do you lose the breast but you also lose some lymph nodes as well. Arm lymphedema
And that loss could result in swelling and problems down the line.

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