proxy? I went to brunch on Saturday... and pictures were taken

Trying to look cute. Feeling like Uncle Fester.

I have been wanting to take some pictures during this process. Well, what I wanted was to go to a photographer and have some portraits taken.

While I feel hideous right now, I did want some pictures to remind me of this time in my life. But my vain side wanted them to be done in the best possible way — full makeup,

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October 2008 – My first breast cancer awareness month after my diagnosis
** 2014 Update: I wrote this post after 1 month of chemotherapy. I was still wrapping my mind around the idea that I had breast cancer and this blog was still just a private place to share my thoughts and fears with my friends and family. Today its 6 years later; I’m cancer-free and I blog full-time. It is good to look back at the beginning of this journey and reflect.
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**UPDATE: 11/2014**

I wrote this post in early September, 2008. I was still getting adjusted to the idea that I had cancer. I had not yet started my treatment and I was freaked out but optimistic. My optimism was, honestly, because I really didn’t have a clear idea just how bad my diagnosis was and I was in a bit of denial. In hindsight, that bit of ignorance probably helped keep my mind and spirits elevated.

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