Copyofthemall5 The Race for the Cure... brings up a lot of memories

The Komen Global Race for the Cure is in a couple of days. I have been excited for this event for months but now that it is just a few days away, the emotions are starting to rise up. I’ve been thinking about the women I’ve known personally who have passed on because of breast cancer and the pain of their deaths still hits me hard and makes me sad.

I’m going to state the obvious: 

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My view of the Mall at the Race For The Cure

 *Update 09/2015: I’ve done several Race for the Cures since this one and they are always emotional but not as much as that first one. In 2009 when I wrote this post, I was grieving so heavily about losing my breast and my hair and everything that happened. In June 09, I was 10 months into my treatment.

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