Tiff-Niccollage Breast cancer among friends

We made bald look good. 

This is a collage I created of pictures of me with one of my best friends. We have been friends for a long time — moving close to two decades now — and I think she’s one of the best people on this whole planet. I’m biased though.

I don’t have sisters. Well, I don’t have natural sisters. But along the way, God has been really good to me and has provided several women who I consider sisters,

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As a survivor, I felt that I had an inside track to understanding what it meant to go through breast cancer treatment with someone. I mean, who is closer to you than you? No one, that’s for sure. I assumed that my experience with breast cancer and the treatment… along with all of the reading and research that I’ve done over the past few years prepared me and strengthened me and made me strong enough to withstand the tsunami of emotions that comes along with the words “…has breast cancer”.

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