I am blessed to see another birthday

Ahhhh… it is my birthday and I am an emotional, weepy, happy mess.

I’m here. 

I made it another year. And I’m so damned happy that I can’t smile harder if I wanted to. Even through these tears in my eyes… I am smiling and my heart is beaming!

I was diagnosed with breast cancer July 2008.

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MyFabulousBoobies.com birthdaygirl Preparing for my birthday and life in the "new normal"

Well, another May Day is coming and that means… another birthday for your favorite sexy, sassy, single breast cancer blogger. (smile)

As usual, I’ve spent the past few weeks thinking about how to celebrate my birthday, reviewing the past year and plotting for the next year. Health-wise, I am fine. Generally speaking. My blood pressure is a little high — but that means that I need to exercise more. Okay. I need to exercise period.

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MyFabulousBoobies.com birthdaygirl Celebrating birthdays after breast cancer

Well, another May 1st is heading my way and that means another birthday for me. I have been excited and ready to celebrate for weeks now. And now that its here… its starting to feel anti-climatic and a little sad.

I am here. A full year has passed with no cancer treatment. No unusual pains. No bad test results. Just another year. I feel like I’ve let myself down a little bit though.

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MyFabulousBoobies.com BirthdayWishes Its my BIRTHDAY!

I am blessed to see another year. Two years ago, I wasn’t convinced that I’d see this birthday. But here I am. (smile) And what a journey it has been.

I’m back in Miami celebrating with friends (actually I typed up this blog entry the night before I departed and set it to post on my actual birthday – yep, I cheated) but I wanted to take a moment and give thanks to God and to all of my friends and family members for praying me through these past 2 years.

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