cliftons2Bstory Clifton's story:  A son shares his thoughts about his mother's breast cancer

A few years ago, I met a young man on twitter whose mother died of breast cancer when he was a teenager. We chatted briefly and I could tell that the impact on his life was tremendous. He wrote a brief commentary for me about what his mother went through because I was curious to know how he felt about the disease.

As much as this disease is personal to me and my journey with it feels very lonely at times…

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Lance Armstrong via New York Times

[Armstrong Drops Fight Against Doping Charges]

I just learned that Lance Armstrong will be stripped of all titles he has won from 1998 on. That includes seven Tour de France titles, a bronze medal from the Olympics and many other challenges that he’s entered and won. For the past decade, he has been fighting against accusations of illegal doping.

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Do you still support Komen?

I know that you’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands of pink ribbons for breast cancer in your lifetime. I and sure that you know that the pink ribbon is the symbol of awareness for breast cancer.

Perhaps this disease has touched your life — a friend, a parent or grandparent, maybe your wife or girlfriend, co-worker, neighbor… or maybe yourself. If you’re fortunate and very lucky,

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Let me start with… I have to shout out one of my favorite breast cancer bloggers for the idea for this post. Chemo Babe had a very poignant comment on her facebook page yesterday and it made me think (as her posts very often do). As several of us survivors chimed in on the topic she posted, several mentioned awkward comments they have received about their hair. So of course,

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