10407153_10152319011245892_6592774027051150513_n What do you see when you look at yourself?

Nic Nac Paddywack profile picture

It’s all about the optics — until its not. 

 I just had a lesson in optics — about myself. I recently changed my profile picture on Facebook to this picture above. I changed my cover photo and I wanted a profile pic that sort of matched. I’m goofy like that… you can laugh at my neurosis. Its okay.

Since Facebook is a giant snitch –

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One of my pink ribbon sisters posted this on facebook as her status:  “I still hate looking in the mirror!”
I completely identify with that feeling. Not many women look into a mirror and like the reflection they see. But as a breast cancer survivor… I have LIVED that pain for a long time. And I am truly saddened by it and tired of it.

There was a long stretch of time after my treatment ended where I could not look at myself in the mirror.

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I will admit it. I am a damn mess. Ugh. I hate it. I like to believe that I am all together, doing the right thing at all times. I don’t like to let people know that I have my bad days… or if I do let them know that, I really don’t tell them just how bad those bad days really are. It ain’t right, but its me in all my honesty right now.

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This blog started because I was diagnosed with a disease that I honestly thought would kill me. And over the past two years, I have whined and cried and laughed and pondered over all of the minute details of my life. I have mourned the loss of my breasts, cried over my shrinking femininity, shrieked and wailed that I’d never find a man again or fall in love… or *gasp*  get married.

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