Rochelle2BGary2Bis2Bthe2Bwinner25212B252812529 The Winner Has Been Chosen!

The Contest Has Ended: Rochelle G. is the winner!

You know what is seriously a lot of fun? Giving away cool prizes! I don’t know why I haven’t done more of this… but I will certainly be doing more giveaways and raffles in the future. (I’m lining up ideas right now)

The raffle ended yesterday at midnight and I was seriously nervous about who would win.

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I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2008. Before I was diagnosed, October was for Halloween. Yes, I was familiar with breast cancer awareness month but I didn’t focus on it much. Once I was diagnosed however, I felt excited about Pinktober. The first year. I felt like people could SEE me, recognize my struggle and that somebody somewhere would do something. I felt acknowledged. I felt supported. I felt loved.

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Remember when I told you the other day that I might be on tv?? [Go read: I may be on tv y’all!]  Well, its REAL! I am on television. The breast cancer awareness PSA started airing on Wednesday, October 1st on BET and Centric networks. I’ve only caught it one time. But it was absolutely gorgeous. And I don’t mean I was gorgeous… but the set looked amazing,

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I don’t exactly know where to go with this post.

It is very early in the morning on October 1st. Today is the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness month — across the entire globe. Today is also the first day that Obama Care goes into affect. (Obama Care is the nickname for the Affordable Care Act —  it can be thought of as a negative name or a positive one) And for almost 800,000 federal employees it is the first day of the US government’s shut down.

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