How To Rock Your Pink Ribbon T-shirts In Style  How To Wear Your Pink Ribbon T-shirts In Style

What’s a girl to do with all those pink ribbon/breast cancer awareness shirts? 

I’m a survivor who happened to already have a long love affair with pink… before I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I run into survivors all the time who simply are sick of pink things. I empathize with them but I honestly cannot relate because pink has been my favorite color as long as I can remember.
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These Black Bloggers Discussed Breast Cancer Awareness during Pinktober…
And it was GRAND! 

Another Pinktober has come to an end. I’ll be honest, this year was a doozy for me. A DOOZY I tell you. So much was happening in my email box that I started to avoid reading my email because I just couldn’t take it.


I am finding peace again with Pinktober

Along the way,

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I take terrible selfies… but my heart is good. 

*This post has a lot of gifs. If that is a problem for your computer or your phone, you’ll have to skip this one. But they are there for a reason. 

I am a special kind of friend. I tell you the truth. Always.  

This post is kind of a rant that has been stewing inside for maybe a year or longer.

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What do lemons and boobies have in common? 

Nothing… except neither is perfect and both can be lumpy and bumpy. Despite what you may see on television. But looking at one can help you understand what might be unhealthy in the other. Lemons, amazingly enough, look a lot like breasts (boobies) and can be useful visual aids to help understand breast health.

Boobies, like lemons,

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