black2Bwomen2Bbreast2Bcancer Why don't we see more images and stories of black women with metastatic cancer?
A random thought… that led me down the rabbit hole

I often share random thoughts that come to me on social media. Typically, these thoughts or questions are things that have been simmering beneath the surface of my life but I don’t bother them. Every so often, one of those deeper thoughts will bubble up to the surface of my conscious and just sit there. It usually feels like its demanding an answer but sometimes I guess it just wants some light and air…

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One thing I’ve learned on this journey with breast cancer is that disease can be a great equalizer in many aspects. Breast cancer strikes men and women, old and young, rich and poor. It doesn’t leave anyone out. However, how it strikes and how hard it strikes can be more devastating to particular communities and in ways that are difficult to explain.

I won’t stop blogging about my journey with breast cancer because women like me are diagnosed every day with this disease.

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Do you still support Komen?

I know that you’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands of pink ribbons for breast cancer in your lifetime. I and sure that you know that the pink ribbon is the symbol of awareness for breast cancer.

Perhaps this disease has touched your life — a friend, a parent or grandparent, maybe your wife or girlfriend, co-worker, neighbor… or maybe yourself. If you’re fortunate and very lucky,

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