264176_10150206925929615_500424614_7350602_5862464_n I had a small anxiety attack today...  Years before I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I struggled with an anxiety issue. At one point, I would have a really difficult time  just leaving my home. To be honest, it created a lot of problems for me. But I dealt with the issue in therapy and I felt that I had handled the problem. I guess for many years, I did. And then breast cancer came along and things got tough again.

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I have been dealing with nightmares (and night terrors) for a few years now. They go along with the territory of my insomnia and other issues that I have with sleeping. As disturbing as they are, I’ve gotten used to having them. They upset me, to be clear. But I have simply accepted them as part of my life and I keep it moving. Because I know that they exist in my world, I tend to dismiss them pretty quickly and keep it moving.

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This past weekend was Thanksgiving and I had a wonderful time visiting with my family members who came up for the holiday. One of the guests was my auntie who is also a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 years ago, and just as she passed her 5 year mark… she was diagnosed with a recurrence in her other breast.

Her cancer was not advanced as mine —

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In a few days I will be seeing my oncologist for a follow-up appointment. I haven’t seen Dr. S in about 6 months and I am actually excited. My oncologist is a very nice man… and he is exceptional at what he does. Making very sick people better.

When I first met Dr. S, I only knew what I had been told about him from another doctor and what I found from a google search.

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