american2Bsports2Bbra American Sports Bra Review: A great sports bra, a phenomenal post-surgery bra

All sports bras are not the same. Neither are post-surgical bras. 

*disclaimer: I was given one American Sports Bra, in order to complete this review. The review is my own opinion about this product.*

When I had my mastectomy, the post-surgical bra that I wore was awful. I’m not exaggerating. That thing was horrendous. It was the wrong size, and butt ugly. But, it was what I was given by the breast cancer center at my hospital.

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Dealing with back pains after a mastectomy and breast reconstruction

So, in another episode of “what they didn’t tell me before I had this treatment”… I’m going to let you in on my big secret. Well, one big secret. I live with a lot of back pain. And by a lot, I mean… a lot. My back spasms at irregular intervals. Sometimes I can go for days or even weeks with little to no pain.

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Sometimes cancer treatment requires travel…and, of course, that’s pretty expensive. 

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I spend a lot of time and tears trying to figure out where I was going to be treated. So many people offered a lot of advice. I took it all in. At different points in the journey, someone would recommend a treatment center or a doctor who was in another city or state.

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The side effects of breast cancer treatment

Remember the movie “The Fly” with Jeff Goldblum? Came out in 1986 or so. There was a scene after he and the fly had merged, and he was going through his metamorphosis… where his nails were coming off. It was so gross… they just plucked off like they were never really attached to his fingers.

I’m feeling that way because last night, I nearly pulled off two fingernails in my sheets,

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