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Well, I just removed my bandages and my binder bra (I’m sure that isn’t what its called but that’s what it is — a velcro-closing bra that holds me and my bandages tightly together). I put on one of my lounging cotton bras, the ones that I purchased and wore after my mastectomy and my reconstruction. They aren’t the prettiest bras in the world but they are very comfortable because they have no wire in them at all.

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I met with my plastic surgeon the other day. It was my 3 month follow-up appointment after my TRAM-flap procedure. All things considered — 12 hours under anesthesia being operated on; 6 days in the ICU recuperating from the procedure; 6/7 weeks at home further recuperating; a loss of muscle strength in one arm; reduced energy; pain in my abdomen area following surgery — I’m doing okay. My scars are healing well. My energy levels are slowly inching back up.

Read More » tyra-banks-new-si-bikini-01 healing well... time to start thinking about the next surgery  Saw the doctor today and I’m healing quite well. It is a good thing that my recuperation is coming along well and with no complications or infections. I am fortunate that I don’t have keloid skin and generally speaking, my skin rebounds well from trauma. So, the scarring across my belly is looking very good and is already looking like it will fade nicely. The scars around my breast aren’t healing quite as quickly but still seem to be doing alright.
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