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5 Tips for Breast Self-Exams

Healthcare professionals agree that the best way to combat breast cancer is with early detection. In order to do so, women must perform regular self-exams on their breasts. It might be uncomfortable at first, but it will soon become a simple part of your routine.

Here are five tips for completing a breast self-check.

  1. Stand with your shoulders straight and your arms on your hips and look at your breasts in a mirror.

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A Gentle Breast Self-Exam Reminder

As one of the many women who discovered their breast cancer by feeling a lump, I just want to remind you that checking your own breasts is very important. Although not all breast cancer is discovered through self-exams, many are.

It only takes a few moments. So get your squeeze on. 🙂 has a great infographic that describes how to check your boobies.

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The routines of life can become so boring… you barely notice things that surround you every day unless there is a reason to. Six years ago I found my lump (which turned out to be cancer) because I was trying to focus on something easy that would help me to take my mind off the fact that my father was lying in the intensive care unit at the hospital.

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What do lemons and boobies have in common? 

Nothing… except neither is perfect and both can be lumpy and bumpy. Despite what you may see on television. But looking at one can help you understand what might be unhealthy in the other. Lemons, amazingly enough, look a lot like breasts (boobies) and can be useful visual aids to help understand breast health.

Boobies, like lemons,

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