Marion2BBarry2Bchanged2BAmerica2B1 My Marion Barry story

Marion Barry, Mayor For Life

Former DC mayor, Marion Barry passed away last night. For most of the world, he was a bit of a political buffoon. A joke to some. But here in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) he was an icon.

He was a polarizing figure but many great men and women of history are just that. I don’t hold that against him. Marion2BBarry2Bchanged2BAmerica2B1 My Marion Barry story 109895169 My Marion Barry story

I grew up in Maryland and I was jealous that I didn’t grow up in DC because by living across the street from SE,

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My night at the GW Cancer Center Gala

The cancer gala was very nice. It was also a little boring. Not drastically so. I didn’t yawn, or even fidget much. But, it was a bit dry. The food was… eh. Not stupendous but okay. The room was FABULOUS. The event was at the Ritz Carlton and it was well coordinated but it just wasn’t “fun”.


My oncologist (the ever so wonderful Dr.

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