27TheBestManHoliday27Cast I saw the "race-themed" movie Best Man Holiday this weekend  I saw the “race-themed” movie, Best Man Holiday this weekend. And it was awesome!

So, I came down with some ol’ nasty little cold on Thursday. Just all of a sudden, sneezing, coughing, congestion… BAM! She’s sick. Bleah. But… this was opening weekend for Best Man Holiday. And I’ve been waiting for this movie for months. Okay, actually for YEARS. Over a decade if ya wanna be real precise about it.

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Lance Armstrong via New York Times

[Armstrong Drops Fight Against Doping Charges]

I just learned that Lance Armstrong will be stripped of all titles he has won from 1998 on. That includes seven Tour de France titles, a bronze medal from the Olympics and many other challenges that he’s entered and won. For the past decade, he has been fighting against accusations of illegal doping.

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Over the past few weeks, I’ve shed tears for people I’ve never met but who I felt like I knew because I was friends with someone who loved them. All are people who lost their lives because of cancer and whose lives I only knew about because someone who loved them unconditionally chose to share their story (and their love of them) with me.

A new year will be here in a couple of days and as we all prepare to toast to the new year,

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