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Finally! Vindication. Chemobrain is real!

I am in an email group for cancer survivors (and interested parties) who are interested in information regarding work/employment during and after treatment. The group is a community off-shoot from the Cancer and Careers non-profit. It isn’t an overly active group but some really great information is shared here.

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Okay, before breast cancer I was forgetful. Some of that I blame on depression (I was clinically depressed for a time many years ago) and most of it I blame on just doing too many things at one time. When my oncologist told me that there was something called “chemo brain” that some patients got during chemotherapy… I laughed to myself and sort of ignored him.

*In my defense,

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When I started chemotherapy, the nurses used to joke with some of the patients about “chemo brain”. Of course, I didn’t understand at first and then once it was explained to me, I thought it was a bunch of hooey. (laughs) I really did.

Since being treated for cancer is such a head trip… I figure that anything that you can put a label on to explain why you’re trippy,

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