joeyprof2fin800_web_image Product Review: Suburban Turban, a great cap for chemo hair loss
Margo beanie

Suburban Turban… designed especially for women with chemotherapy hair loss issues

I recently learned about a great little online shop in the UK, Suburban Turban. They have the most adorable hats and beanies, designed for women with hair loss issues. Although I am no longer bald from chemo, this sporty little cap would have been perfect for that time.

(And it’s really great now for those bad hair days too!)

Soft enough for use during chemotherapy,
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Beautiful shoes make me happy, but while I was in treatment I couldn’t wear my heels.

I really like shoes. I do. I REALLY like shoes. But, I’m not much of a shopper. Well, not in comparison with some of my friends and my family members. They are ninjas of shopping… whereas I am more like a kid trying to get a black belt.

Just before I was diagnosed with breast cancer,

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*Update April 2015: When this incident happened, I was starting my 4th month of chemotherapy and just getting started on my year of hormone infusions (Herceptin) which is administered intravenously just like chemo. I was bald, tired, weak… I had lost about 30 pounds. Coping with the side effects of chemo was tough and really surprising. But one thing was certain, I was 5 months post diagnosis and I still did not really understand or accept that I had a very serious illness.

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