How I liked the Solidea Compression Sleeve solidea2Bproduct2Breview The Solidea Compression Sleeve, My Review

*Disclosure: I received a Solidea compression sleeve in order to review the product and write this post. This article contains affiliate links that will generate a commission if a purchase is made by using them. My thoughts and comments about this product are my own.

I’ve been struggling with lymphedema for a few years now.

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I’ve taken to staying up all night to work on the plans for my business. It isn’t insomnia though because I am forcing myself to stay awake. I don’t know what it is, but I seem to think more clearly, have more creative ideas in the middle of the night. Perhaps because all of the distractions aren’t interrupting my thoughts.

The good thing is that I’ve gotten a lot done.

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Deep, deep sigh. I friggin’ HATE this doggone compression sleeve. I have heard from other lymphedema sufferers that they don’t particularly mind wearing their sleeves. I’ve been a pretty good sport about a lot of things on this journey with breast cancer but this sleeve irks me like nobody’s damn business. Ugh.

I broke down and purchased this sleeve at the end of August. I was travelling to Atlanta the first weekend in September and I knew that the flight would cause me all sorts of problems.

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