Hot2Bwater2Bwith2Blemon Starting your day with hot water & lemon

For the past few months, I’ve been trying to increase my water intake. I purchased this great water bottle that I keep beside me all day long so that I can sip my water in peace while I write. It holds 72 ounces and is easy to carry from room to room. I guess a glass would work too but I used to lose track of how much water I was consuming by the glass.

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My gracious… it has been one HOT summer in Washington, DC this year. Note to the wise:  hot flashes do not stop in the summer. (laughs)  Of course since my treatment, I’ve been battling hot flashes and night sweats. And let me tell you… whew lawd… they are not FUN at all. I keep a fan going at all times. Without it, I am a moist mess (and not in a good way).

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This post has already embarrassed me and I haven’t even written it yet. But I promised myself that I would be honest and open about what I’m going through and this is something that I have to talk about. Its something that the women who will come behind may want to know and be prepared for.


I’m going to try not to be graphic with this one because well…

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