pinktoberpin2010-dropshadow Clues for the Pinktober! Contest

Well, so far, I’m pretty disappointed with the responses for my first blog contest. But as I thought about it, I realized that maybe you could use some hints to help you figure out the answers.

Well, clue #1:

-The first tumor was named after a song by Curtis Mayfield from the soundtrack to the movie Super Fly. “_______’s Dead”

-The second tumor was named from a movie title: Bill and ______’s Excellent Adventure

-The third tumor was named from a catch phrase from the original Star Trek tv show.

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Alrighty… my secret is out… I’m a rock chick! (laughs) No, not really. I’m not truly a rocker chick but I do like the spit and fire that rockstars have. So imagine my surprise when I was contacted by Hard Rock Tampa to talk about their breast cancer awareness campaign. I have “arrived” at my own level of rockstar fabulous-ness!! Yes!

If you’re planning to be in Tampa in Pinktober!

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This post isn’t really about breast cancer… and then again… it is. I’ve been keeping this blog for about two years now. I have been encouraged by many friends to turn the blog into a book. And since I like to write, it makes sense. I decided that I should write a book about my breast cancer journey — but a separate writing project from the blog. I think it would be the lazy way out (and I’m not above lazy things) to just compile the blog into a book.

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