cougar2Bafter2Bbreast2Bcancer The itch has been scratched

Let me start by saying that I am truly OVER-SHARING here. 

*Update April 2015: This post originally was published in 2010 and I was having so much difficulty believing that I was still sexually appealing and that it was okay for me to explore that side of myself. I wrote this because I know I’m not the only survivor who struggles with body image issues and concerns about sex after breast cancer.

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Prior to heading across the pond, I had been chatting occasionally with a guy who seemed pretty nice. He was significantly younger than me. (sigh) But even though that gave me a serious case of cold feet, I decided to just see what was really going on with him.

Turns out. Nothing much. Well, let me be more forthcoming… he was nice. He was very smart. Like… wicked smart.

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I often sit back and wonder why it is that I am deeply attracted to (and more prone to attract) men who are younger than I am. I loathe and detest the term “cougar” in regards to myself. I am more likely to refer to myself as a spinster than I am a cougar. As lively and vivacious as I am, even I am puzzled why I would prefer to think of myself as a spinster instead of a cougar.

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A reader sent me a message recently asking me what my dating problem was. This gentleman followed the blog because he was intrigued about the dating life of a single, breast cancer survivor. He followed me on twitter and joined my fan page on Facebook. In other words, he was completely plugged in to all the news about Nicole’s dating life. Except… there was no news. And he was confused.

Hmm. I was confused by his question.

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