I’m feeling a little umph-less tonight. Had the ct scan and the pet scan today. Definitely not a great experience — but not horrible either.

I think I should have blogged this earlier today because now, I’m sad and I can’t really be as descriptive as I’d like to be.

Suffice it to say… if you ever have to have a pet scan, prepare yourself to suck down about a quart of chalk water with berry flavoring (barium suspension) and also…

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MyFabulousBoobies.com Sexy2C2BBald2BChick...Battling2BCancer Sexy bald chick... battling cancer.

**UPDATE: 11/2014**

I wrote this post in early September, 2008. I was still getting adjusted to the idea that I had cancer. I had not yet started my treatment and I was freaked out but optimistic. My optimism was, honestly, because I really didn’t have a clear idea just how bad my diagnosis was and I was in a bit of denial. In hindsight, that bit of ignorance probably helped keep my mind and spirits elevated.

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