Solange- Solange Knowles gave me freedom

Solange got married and it was EPIC! 

Solange Knowles, younger sister to Beyonce, was married this past weekend. She’s a striking young woman who has a style that is very uniquely her own. I love that uniqueness about her. Where her sister is more sleek and glamorous in her public style… Solange is more bohemian, more laid back and more … well, BLACK in hers. Solange- Solange Knowles gave me freedom solange2Bhair2Bcurls2Bafro Solange Knowles gave me freedom

By that I mean she doesn’t cringe from wearing her hair in its natural curly,

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This is 10 years of me. Why come I look the same?

10 years of looking exactly the same? How boring.

I’ve been thinking… I look the same. All the time. To be honest… I’ve looked the same for a very long time. It is somewhat disconcerting that I can share a picture that I took 10 years ago and people are not sure whether I took it a year ago or that day.

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Let me start with… I have to shout out one of my favorite breast cancer bloggers for the idea for this post. Chemo Babe had a very poignant comment on her facebook page yesterday and it made me think (as her posts very often do). As several of us survivors chimed in on the topic she posted, several mentioned awkward comments they have received about their hair. So of course,

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So, I’ve been using my Miss Jessie’s products for curly-haired folks and I’m really digging it. It cost a pretty penny but the products are good quality and my hair seems to be responding pretty well to them. I am sort of pleased. Well, that doesn’t sound quite right. I am pleased with Miss Jessie’s and I am happy with the way that it helps my “new” curly hair look springy and shiny and happy.

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