Or, learning how to be a lady by allowing him to be a gentleman. Also could be… sometimes you should just let people help you. 

MyFabulousBoobies.com 1470178_10152572026040892_564608195176104561_n Falling back into bad habits

This crazy meme showed up on Facebook the other day and it made me giggle… and then it made me pause. The giggle was because half of the country has been battling unusual snow & coldness this week. While we don’t have snow where I live,

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MyFabulousBoobies.com Gives2BMe2BStrength2BNicole2BMcLean What gives me strength? Love does.

The Komen Foundation asked me to share what gives me strength for their breast cancer awareness campaign this month. It didn’t take long for me to admit that love is really giving me a lot of strength these days.

If you’re a new reader of the blog, you’re probably not aware that I had sworn off relationships a couple of years ago. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I was in a relationship.

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MyFabulousBoobies.com soaboutthatdate Dating chronicles:  The after-London date that never happened

Prior to heading across the pond, I had been chatting occasionally with a guy who seemed pretty nice. He was significantly younger than me. (sigh) But even though that gave me a serious case of cold feet, I decided to just see what was really going on with him.

Turns out. Nothing much. Well, let me be more forthcoming… he was nice. He was very smart. Like… wicked smart.

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MyFabulousBoobies.com Idris-Elba-James-Bond Dating chronicles:  London has some pretty sights (men!)

[Idris Elba might be the new James Bond. How’s that for wonderful?]

I was blessed beyond measure recently. Beyond, beyond, beyond my wildest dreams actually. I was invited to London to participate in a blogger event and a breast cancer awareness campaign celebration by Siemens. It was the first time for me to visit London. And while I didn’t get to see much, I did enjoy London.

Awhile back (I can’t remember if it was a year ago or longer) I remember reading a blog article where a British sister was really confused about the fascination that American women had with Idris Elba.

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