mastercleanse-p Time for the master cleanse... again
I woke up the other day and I was FAT!


Okay. So… I didn’t just wake up one day and realize that I’d gained a few pounds. But, it certainly feels that way. I don’t know what happened… well, I guess that’s not true either. I know what happened. But at any rate, I know that I need to get back on track.

The seasons are changing and that means that its time to cleanse.
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You know what I’m learning? Or rather… what keeps getting hammered into my head? This “life after breast cancer treatment” is a trip. I don’t know why it is so hard for me to know this or to accept that. But… as I’ve been told all my life… a hard head makes a soft behind. My tuckus is feeling mighty tender at the moment.

Right now, I’m realizing that I have fallen off.

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Let me start with this… you know that your girl (that would be me) is sort of vain, right? Well… I don’t think I’m overly vain — I can walk by a mirror and not check myself out — but I do value my attractiveness and would like to stay in the best shape that I can. Its a little interesting considering that I’m also a bit lazy and a lot greedy…

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My gorgeous friend B-rocka and I at a party. 

*Update 7/2015:  Wow! When this post was written I was still in treatment for my breast cancer. I had one boob and was waiting to be cleared to have my reconstruction surgery to have my new boobie attached (is that the right word?).. I was so pleased that I could stay out all night and party like I used to, even though my body was still healing from chemotherapy and radiation and a mastectomy.

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