Pink2520Ribbon When dealing with the diagnosis of a dear friend

As a survivor, I felt that I had an inside track to understanding what it meant to go through breast cancer treatment with someone. I mean, who is closer to you than you? No one, that’s for sure. I assumed that my experience with breast cancer and the treatment… along with all of the reading and research that I’ve done over the past few years prepared me and strengthened me and made me strong enough to withstand the tsunami of emotions that comes along with the words “…has breast cancer”.

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After a year fighting breast cancer… I’ve learned quite a bit

I’ve been spending most of this past weekend thinking about ways to change the blog to make its impact larger on the world. I learned a lot at the Blogworld conference and I am really trying to apply what I learned and just grow. Today, I focused on reviewing all the old posts from the blog…and I have been tearing up and crying for hours.

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July 30th will be the 1 year anniversary of the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I remember the day clearly… the days leading up to it are a bit fuzzy in parts and I remember the day after my diagnosis. I took the day off from work because my head was a mess and I just kicked it with my boyfriend.

It was good to have a boyfriend then.

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