Copyofthemall5 The Race for the Cure... brings up a lot of memories

The Komen Global Race for the Cure is in a couple of days. I have been excited for this event for months but now that it is just a few days away, the emotions are starting to rise up. I’ve been thinking about the women I’ve known personally who have passed on because of breast cancer and the pain of their deaths still hits me hard and makes me sad.

I’m going to state the obvious: 

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I tell you… every day is an experience on this journey. All of the constant introspection is crazy… I know… but if I don’t focus on what’s going on inside of myself, I’m worried that I may miss something and end up in a place I’m not really trying to be.

So… after wondering and wishing for over a year for my cycle to come back… imagine my surprise when I realized that I was a bit emotional about the actual return of my menstrual cycle.

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I’ve been reading and following along with a few of my pink ribbon sisters as they blog their way through their own health crisis. And it seems that no matter where I am on my journey, I can always connect deeply and sincerely with wherever they are in their journey. dummy-92579_640 Always emotional about breast cancer and this journey  I have been buoyed and elated by some of their posts… and I’ve been saddened and overwhelmed by others. It really hurts me deeply to read about other people’s pain.

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Today was my pre-op appointment with my plastic surgeon for my upcoming breast reconstruction surgery. I am having the TRAM flap done. I wanted to have the DIEP flap procedure done – less down time and no muscle cut — but there is only one doctor in DC who does that procedure and I could not get onto his calendar. I also did not want to travel out of the state/region to have it done because I thought that it would be too difficult to navigate the return trip home afterwards.

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