behind2Bthe2Bpink2Bribbon How a sister looks at the end of radiation treatment

What the pink ribbon doesn’t show you… is what you need to see

A few days ago, my pink ribbon sister Shay, posted a picture of her chest at the completion of her radiation therapy. This is Shay’s second bout with breast cancer. She recently had a mastectomy for this cancer and now is done with the radiation treatment. I don’t know all of the details about her second diagnosis and what I do know,

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It recently occurred to me that I really have never asked anyone to follow me on social media or to check me out in other places, besides this blog. As a full-time blogger, I really enjoy writing about my topic and my life experiences as a survivor. But sometimes I share things in other places other than here.

I tell funny jokes sometimes.

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For the past few days, I’ve received quite a few requests to update my facebook status with the color of my bra. This was supposed to have two goals; to confuse the men of facebook (they weren’t invited to participate) and to promote breast cancer awareness.

My reaction: well, no offense to anyone who sent it to me but it seemed really childish. Like… fresh out of someone’s junior high school (okay,

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