images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTT9stcUOK9pdyijRsBkWyc1hVgSRja__ThZN5DPlWoc49QU3MtGw My things have been returned...

A few weeks ago I wrote about my frustration and disappointment that my purse and my shoes were “lost” in the back of a cab. You can read the story here:

Well, this is a praise report. I have had all of my things returned. Every single thing. My purse was returned in its entirety and my shoes. While I still do not know why the cab driver chose to leave me stranded on a cold,

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I just got home from a fancy black tie event at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC. I’ve only been to the Kennedy Center a few times in my life but it is one of the premier event venues in the world. Artists and entertainers from around the globe look forward to participating in shows here. Going to the Kennedy Center for an event is a hugely big deal.

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I had a momentary crisis of faith this morning. I received a message that one of my pink-ribbon sisters found out that her breast cancer has returned for a third time. That news shook me deeply. After the fear subsided, the anger took over and once again I had to really stare into the mirror and adjust my faith.

Renewing my faith is a regular process. I lost my composure earlier today. Sometimes it is tough to remember that my blessing isn’t another person’s curse.

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I am a christian woman. My entire life is peppered with great memories of church, vacation bible school, choir, and praise. I am not active in church right now — haven’t been for a number of years — but I do still love the Lord very much.

I share a lot of myself here but not all… but I wanted to share that my faith, my spirituality, my ability to pray and believe that God wants the best for me is truly a lifeline.

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