cliftons2Bstory Clifton's story:  A son shares his thoughts about his mother's breast cancer

A few years ago, I met a young man on twitter whose mother died of breast cancer when he was a teenager. We chatted briefly and I could tell that the impact on his life was tremendous. He wrote a brief commentary for me about what his mother went through because I was curious to know how he felt about the disease.

As much as this disease is personal to me and my journey with it feels very lonely at times…

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I spent most of the day today at a funeral for one of my cousins who passed away unexpectedly in her sleep a few days ago. Arlene’s death was surprising and upsetting but it reminded me that support through tragic situations is something that we all need.

We all go through tough times and tragic situations. It may not always be something like breast cancer… but it could be losing your mother unexpectedly or losing your job.

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Three of my cousins came to visit this weekend. It is something that has been planned for just over a month now. I was excited to see them… but their visit caused me to reflect a lot on where I am and who I am right now.

These cousins (all sisters) are on my dad’s side of the family… and while I love them dearly, this was one of our first opportunities to really sit down and talk and get to know each other.

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