Learning to love through the fear of cancer. 
MyFabulousBoobies.com thechancetobeloved Love through the fear of cancer

*Disclaimer:  I have NO idea what I’m doing when it comes to love and relationships. My track record sorta stinks and I’m figuring stuff out as I go. Take anything you learn here with a grain of salt. Preferably the size of a small mountain.*

The past couple of weeks have been a bit rough around here.

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MyFabulousBoobies.com images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS8rwoJCgLHMbbdwiUSsoHB3Nbl06inDtJpu2tMABDIKCCLi6vh Nightmares are back...

I have been dealing with nightmares (and night terrors) for a few years now. They go along with the territory of my insomnia and other issues that I have with sleeping. As disturbing as they are, I’ve gotten used to having them. They upset me, to be clear. But I have simply accepted them as part of my life and I keep it moving. Because I know that they exist in my world, I tend to dismiss them pretty quickly and keep it moving.

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MyFabulousBoobies.com normal Navigating the New Normal pt. 2

New Normal… isn’t all that normal honestly

The entire time I was going through treatment for my cancer, the hope that kept me going was… “when this is over, I’ll be back to normal”.  And that’s normal for a cancer patient to feel that way. Your entire world is flipped upside down and everything you did before your diagnosis pretty much goes on pause while you fight your disease.

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MyFabulousBoobies.com black_baby Okay... so I'm not totally over wanting to have a baby

I actually believed that I had moved to a place of acceptance about not having children. When I started this breast cancer journey, I was told that the treatment could very likely leave me infertile. Because of the timing — my cancer was found in an advanced stage and determined to be very aggressive — I did not feel that there was time (or money) to invest in fertility treatments like egg harvesting.

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