Victoria-s-Secret-Models-victorias-secret-420448_350_350 Victoria's Secret decides not to jump into the mastectomy bra market  Hmm… and in the “water is wet” category of news… Victoria’s Secret responded to the petition earlier this year that they won’t be getting into the business of making bras for mastectomy patients.

[article: Victoria’s Secret won’t make mastectomy bras because science is hard]


I would laugh at the absurdity but I laughed when I first heard about the petition in all honesty.

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I am making sure to keep my skills up to par (just in case Mr. Right comes along)

I have a personal theory about why nerds make good partners. Besides the obvious (assumed) reasons — they are smart, they will be loyal, they probably will make good money — my theory that nerds make good partners is based solely on the notion that nerds know that they are nerds. The bad boy and the player…

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This blog started because I was diagnosed with a disease that I honestly thought would kill me. And over the past two years, I have whined and cried and laughed and pondered over all of the minute details of my life. I have mourned the loss of my breasts, cried over my shrinking femininity, shrieked and wailed that I’d never find a man again or fall in love… or *gasp*  get married.

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