freeproduceforpg Free fresh produce is available twice a month in PG county
FREE STUFF: Veggies and fruit in P.G. County twice a month

Click the link above for more information… 

Did you know that you can get free fresh produce in Prince George’s County?  

Twice a month, in two different locations within the county, you can pick up fresh produce for free. Yes, I said FREE fresh fruit and FREE fresh vegetables.  If you’re able,

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I am NOT sure how this will be received but since this here is Nic Nac’s world… *shrug* Oh well. I have a question.

Why do we raise money for cancer research? 

Why is the donation model the business model for funding that we utilize? When did that start? Why did it start? Why do we continue it?

Why do we RAISE money via donations to search for cancer answers?

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I saw this post on a blog and felt it necessary to share it here. SAMFund provides grants for young people transitioning back to their lives after cancer treatment. This webinar promises a lot of great information for getting your financial life on tract after cancer.

I’ll say clearly… cancer is crazy expensive. So, I’ll certainly be tuning in to learn how to better navigate this new world post-cancer.

Regaining your financial health post-cancer owes_money Webinar:  Regaining your financial health post-cancer  We all know that cancer takes it toll on us physically,

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*Update May 2015:  When I originally wrote this post in 2010, I was nearing the end of my active treatment. I was mentally exhausted and physically not as strong as I was prior to breast cancer. I was transitioning back to “normal” life after treatment but it was far more challenging than I’d imagined.*

It is just one thing after another…I can’t catch a break

First bad break:  A stomach virus that kept me out of work for a week

This has been a hard week for me.
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