Do2Bone2Bact2Bof2Bkindess2Bthis2Bholiday Do one act of kindness: Take a meal to a friend or loved one

Tis the season… to be kind!

Do you know someone currently fighting breast cancer? Or who is a survivor? If you do, I want to suggest an act of kindness that can really go far with showing that person how much you love them: Take them a meal. Honestly.

A small act of kindness goes a long way.

I was having a conversation recently with my mother about the period when I was in treatment for breast cancer and my father was recuperating from his brain aneurysm (at the same damn time)…

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I stumbled across this article many months ago and intended to share it then. I think you should review it and try to incorporate as many of these foods into your diet as you can. Its great information. I didn’t change any part of it.

100 Foods Every Woman Should Include in Her Diet

by Olesya Novik

One of my clients, a nurse,

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