Solange- Solange Knowles gave me freedom

Solange got married and it was EPIC! 

Solange Knowles, younger sister to Beyonce, was married this past weekend. She’s a striking young woman who has a style that is very uniquely her own. I love that uniqueness about her. Where her sister is more sleek and glamorous in her public style… Solange is more bohemian, more laid back and more … well, BLACK in hers. Solange- Solange Knowles gave me freedom solange2Bhair2Bcurls2Bafro Solange Knowles gave me freedom

By that I mean she doesn’t cringe from wearing her hair in its natural curly,

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We’ve all heard (or said) that freedom isn’t free. Somewhere, someone is paying the price for the freedom that we may take for granted. This saying is usually said in appreciation of the sacrifices that our military makes on our behalf. And they do deserve our compassion, support and understanding. No doubt.

But, we can also look at what we gain when we lose some (or all) of our freedom.

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