This video was made shortly after the end of my breast cancer treatment. There is a link to it on the blog page. I haven’t watched it in forever, but I just read a really sweet message from a college friend about it and she brought a tear to my eye.

She told me that she remembered the party girl I used to be (laughs, see I told you…) and she felt that even through all that I had been through I was still very pretty.

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We made bald look good. 

This is a collage I created of pictures of me with one of my best friends. We have been friends for a long time — moving close to two decades now — and I think she’s one of the best people on this whole planet. I’m biased though.

I don’t have sisters. Well, I don’t have natural sisters. But along the way, God has been really good to me and has provided several women who I consider sisters,

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A few weeks ago, Nic wrote about her pending TRAM flap surgery and her uncertainty about going through with it.  Well, I’m here to say that even with up-to-the-last-minute doubts, Nicole underwent the twelve hour reconstructive surgery on Wednesday and is faring very well.  When I spoke with her today she was experiencing some pain but had a great sister-friend and an awesome cousin visiting and making her laugh.  I can’t begin to describe the feelings and emotions that she’s experienced (just over the last five days) with the raw eloquence that she does,

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My birthday brunch/lunch ended up being more of an early dinner. (laughs) Only one person was at the restaurant on time and it wasn’t me. My party came in slowly over the course of about 1.5 hours. It was crazy… but funny. We ended up converging on the bar area for while because the restaurant would not seat us until a large portion of the group had arrived.

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