27TheBestManHoliday27Cast I saw the "race-themed" movie Best Man Holiday this weekend  I saw the “race-themed” movie, Best Man Holiday this weekend. And it was awesome!

So, I came down with some ol’ nasty little cold on Thursday. Just all of a sudden, sneezing, coughing, congestion… BAM! She’s sick. Bleah. But… this was opening weekend for Best Man Holiday. And I’ve been waiting for this movie for months. Okay, actually for YEARS. Over a decade if ya wanna be real precise about it.

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How Using Social Media Helped Me To Feel Connected, Not Isolated

It started with trying to connect with my girlfriends…

In 2007, I decided that my closest girlfriends and I needed and deserved a girlfriends getaway weekend. I have three best girlfriends and they are the loves of my life. My life has been changed for the better because of them. Two of them live in Atlanta, one lives here in DC.

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