Survivors Breast cancer funding... who thinks about survivors?

Video chats with Nic

I’ve been thinking about  doing regular youtube videos for the blog. For me, it is a chance to branch out into a different type of media and also a way for me to connect with folks who may not want to read a long post but would be willing to watch a video.

My goal is to keep them around 10 minutes or less…

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I am NOT sure how this will be received but since this here is Nic Nac’s world… *shrug* Oh well. I have a question.

Why do we raise money for cancer research? 

Why is the donation model the business model for funding that we utilize? When did that start? Why did it start? Why do we continue it?

Why do we RAISE money via donations to search for cancer answers?

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I’ve been struggling these past few months to keep up my enthusiasm and energy for blogging. If you didn’t know, the blog has been my occupation for the past couple of years. I decided after leaving my last position, I would take some time and figure out what I really wanted to do with my life now. I wanted to explore writing as a career. I wanted to complete the manuscript I started about my journey with breast cancer.

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