physical_therapy Physical therapy is great

After my last debacle on the airplane trying to lift my baggage over my head to store it… I accepted that I needed some real help with this arm. (reason-number-6541835-why-i-hate-breast cancer)

I don’t have a really good reason/excuse why I had not tried physical therapy before now — other than I simply did not want to put one more thing on my already over-crowded schedule. But between the lyphedema (swelling) and the very limited range of motion with my left arm,

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I had an appointment yesterday to meet with the plastic surgeon I met with in December. Unfortunately, I arrived late for my appointment (somehow I wrote the time down wrong) and I had to reschedule. I managed to snag an appointment for a week later, but my heart is really making me think that maybe this was a sign for me to really search for a surgeon I feel better about.

Although this particular plastic surgeon comes highly recommended by my oncologist and my first general surgeon…

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