change+the+hand+you [REPOST]  Learning what grace is... on a daily basis

[I wrote this post earlier this year but I am re-sharing it because I am still learning what grace is… on a daily basis.]

If you’ve never heard of Randy Pausch, I encourage you to watch this video of him giving his last lecture. [Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving your childhood dreams]

Randy died of cancer the same year I was diagnosed. His last lecture became a viral sensation and the book is a global phenomenon.

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Elizabeth Edwards, former wife of John Edwards (presidential candidate) passed away on December 7th. Her family had just released a statement about her failing health a few days before and she shared a very kind and graceful comment with the world. Her medical team shared that there was nothing further (at that time) that they could do for her and she passed away a couple of days later.

I, like everyone else,

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Cancer really makes me sick.

I was going to write a funny post about the possibility of waking up from surgery without a belly button (yeah, I know, right?) but just as I was working it around in my mind… I read the most heart-breaking email and I got good and angry.

The nephew of one of the women in my email group sent a message about his recent surgery.

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