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Where does all the money go in healthcare? Have you ever wondered?

I stumbled across an article from last year about a federal drug program that is being discussed heavily in the medical community. The program, 340B, requires pharmaceutical companies to provide cheaply discounted drugs to certain hospitals so that the medication can be provided to low-income patients.

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See: 340B Drug Pricing Program: Serving Vulnerable Patients or Enriching Hospitals?

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Well, for me, last week was a terrible blur. First the snowy weather caused my honey and I to cancel our valentine and anniversary plans. That was a bummer but we just delayed things for a week.

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One of my favorite cancer bloggers, Chemo Babe, asked a question recently that stirred something inside of me. She said that an oncologist told her that 60% of their patients wanted the doctor to make their medical decisions for them. Sixty percent!!

Wow. But you know what? I think I understand how that could happen. And while it seems odd and maybe a little bit crazy that anyone would put their healthcare decisions in someone else’s hands…

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