nicatendofchemo ...and tomorrow is chemo day...

I’m coming to the end of my chemo days. I am not sure how many more I have but tomorrow is one more adventure in the land of breast cancer. I am not quite as nervous or anxious as I usually am. I think that’s because I’ve been so busy at work, and then busy when I get home that I’m sort of exhausted. Too tired to worry.

Awhile back,

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Tonight is the night before my last taxol infusion. I’m excited about the last chemo (well sort of, I’ll still be getting regular herceptin treatments) and I’m also freaked out. The last chemo means that in a couple of weeks, God willing, I’ll be going into surgery to have my cancer removed. I keep trying to tell myself that losing my breast is secondary to getting rid of the cancer… but its not working. I keep thinking (and overthinking) about losing my breast and having a “fake”

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*Update June 2015: At the writing of this post, I was starting my third month of chemotherapy. In fact, this was my only my fifth infusion. I was still quite shocked and traumatized by the idea that I had breast cancer and I was trying really hard to keep up a public brave face. I was terrified. And I was exhausted from keeping up the facade that I was doing okay.

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