Addsubtitletext2 The husband's guide to breast cancer

A couple of months ago I was introduced to Todd Outcalt. Todd is a co-survivor; his wife Becky is an 11 year survivor of breast cancer. Because of their experience with the disease, Todd wrote a helpful book for husbands of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer based on information he learned while they went through treatment. When I learned about the book, I was touched and happy that Todd chose to add his voice to the conversation about breast cancer.

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A lot of relationships struggle through dealing with cancer treatment

The other day I received a frantic note on chat from a male friend. My friend’s girlfriend was recently diagnosed with a rare type of cancer and he’s been trying really hard to be a supportive caregiver. When he first told me of her diagnosis a few months ago, my heart sank. For her and for him. I was sad for her.

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